Past Meetings 2015-2013


ERPUG 2015 Presentations from Budapest, Hungary

ERPUG 2015 photos 

1 History of Road Profile Measurements and Current Standards in    Leif Sjögren, VTI  
  Road Surface Characteristics              
2 HiSpeq, Specifications and Requirements in      Alex Wright, TRL  
  Road Surface Measurements              
3 ProVAL – a Longitudinal Profile Analysis Tool and      George Chang, Transtec
  Its Historical Development with Smoothness Specifications        
4 Introduction of Pavement Management and      Dr. Chikakuni Maeda, Pasco
  Monitoring Technologies in Japan            
5 Possible use of RST road surface data in Hungary     Gábor Major, T7  
6 Road Monitoring and Assessment in Germany – an overview   Tanja Altemeier, Bast
7 News from LEHMAN + Partner         Alexander Bock, Lehman + Partner
8 Runway Pavement Roughness Considering Pavement Surface Drainage  Injun Song, SRA  
  and Boeing Bump Index (Roughness Index)            
9 Challenges for Correlating Aircraft Simulator Results with ISO Indicies Albert Larkin, SRA  
10 Tunnel and Side Area Scanning with ViaPPS     Hårvard Farstad, Viatech
11 News from RAMBÖLL           Peter Ekdahl, Ramböll
12 Macro and Micro Texture Performance of Cement Concrete    Bencze Zsolt, KTI  
  Pavement Surfaces                
13 MPD/IRI Transverse Position         Thomas Lundberg, VTI
14 MPD/IRI Transverse Position         Olle Eriksson, VTI  
15 Automated Ravelling Inspection and Maintenance Planning on    P. Schackmann,   
  Porous Asphalt in the Netherlands and its Future Plans   P. Paffen, RWS/TNO  
16 Using 3D transverse profiles and IMUs to measure road geometry and to  John Laurent, Pavemetrics
  generate high resolution DTM models of pavement surfaces        
17 Results from the project Rosanne, rolling resistance, road noise and friction measurements Roland Spielhofer, AIT
18 25-year pavement surface monitoring of 60 trial sections   László GÁSPÁR, KTI  
19 Emerging Technologies from the Other Side of the Pond   Lauren Tran, Pathway
20 News from VIAGROUP         Alfred Weninger, ViaGroup
21 Road Doctor Survey Van and Pavement Diagnostics     Jan Filipovsky, Roadscanners
22 Thermal imaging and compaction       Peter Ekdahl, Ramböll


ERPUG 2014 presentations from Brussels, Belgium

ERPUG 2014 photos 

1 Needs; Road Administrations view       Steve Phillips, CEDR    
2 Applied usage; needs and condition data in Sweden     Mats Wendel, STA    
3 The TRIMM project           Robert Karlsson, VTI    
4 Entrepreneurial concept - support all the way     Peter Ekdahl, Ramböll  
5 HiSpeq, Hi-speed survey Specification, Explanation and Quality   Alex Wright, TRL    
6 New optimisation methods for pavement data     Mikkel Bruun, AgileAssets  
7 The Use of Condition Data and Indicators in Bridge Maintenance   Willy Peelen, TNO    
8 Cost benefit analysis and condition indicators     Wim Courage, TNO    
9 Road Management technologies in Japan       Katsuya Aoki, PASCO  
10 3D Road Measurement Indicators       Dieter Gabriel, Lehmann + Partner
11 Monitoring of cracking /fretting         Alex Wright, TRL    
12 Laser scanner and GPR in monitoring impacts of heavy    Timo Saarenketo, Roadscanners
  trucks on asphalt pavements                
13 Identification of water ponding         Malal Kane, IFSTTAR    
14 Creation of 3D surfaces from longitudinal and transversal    Olle Eriksson, VTI    
  profile data                  
15 Fleet monitoring of road comfort       Carl Van Geem, BRRC    
16 Assessment of layer thickness at traffic speed
using coreless GPR
Maria Lurdes de Antunes, LNEC  
17 Traffic speed structural condition monitoring     Dean Wright, TRL    
18 Combining pavement data collection methodologies      Garry Warren, ARRB    
  using the TSD as a platform                
19 Assessing Pavement Rolling Resistance by FWD
Time History Evaluation
Anders Lenngren, Lund University
20 3D sensors for texture evaluation       John Laurent, Pavemetrics  
21 Spike removal method for laser macrotexture measurements   Edgar de León Izeppi, VTTI  
22 The new MPD standard ISO 13473-1 -        Ulf Sandberg, VTI    
  Improvements and how it works               
23 Image based bridge inspection         Stuart McRobbie, TRL  
24 Use of Monitoring Techniques in Bridge Condition Assessment   Marian Ralbovsky, AIT  
25 Monitoring of bridge response to traffic loading     Aljoša Šajna & Aleš Žnidarič, ZAG
26 Monitoring of corrosion deterioration       Mirjam Bajt Leban, ZAG  

ERPUG 2013 presentations from Copenhagen, Denmark

ERPUG 2013 photos 

1 Implementing an open, competitive, quality assured,     Alex Wrigth, TRL  
   network survey contract in the UK            
2 Quality, technology and price development for road profiling    Peter Ekdahl, Ramboll
  – a reflection                
3 An entrepreneurs experience; investing in a profilometer   Jonas Ekblad, NCC  
4 Handling CO2 emission in Asset Management through measurement  Bjarne Schmidt, DRD  
  and modeling of rolling resistance            
5 ROSANNE, Rolling resistance, skid resistance, and noise emission  Roland Spielhofer, AIT
  measurement standards for road surfaces            
6 TRIMM, Tomorrow´s road infrastructure monitoring and management Alex Wrigth, TRL  
7 The importance of meeting the user perspective concerning road data Thomas Wahlman, Ramboll
8 Past and present work in ISO for standardising measurement of    Ulf Sandberg, VTI  
  road surface characteristics              
9 Laser Scanner Technique in Road Condition Monitoring    Pekka Maijala, Roadscanners
  and Problem Diagnostics              
10 Laser scanning technology for pavement monitoring â€ A new approach Alexander Reiterer, Fraunhofer
11 3D transverse laser road profiling for the automated measurement  John Laurents, Pavemetrics
  of road surface conditions (cracking, texture, ravelling)        
12 AMAC®  â€ More than a Road Profiler       Luc Amaury George, Vectra
13 Measuring and Evaluating Evenness of Roads and Constructions    Dirk Ebersbach, LEHMANN+Partner
  in 3D with Mobile Mapping Systems            
14 TRACS3 â€ Advancing Traffic Speed Surveys in the UK     Simon Topp, Manish Jethwa Yotta DCL
15 Pavement testing and performance analyses     Alessandro Marradi, Dynatest
16 Using profile data for supporting asset management decisions   Gerardo Flintsch, VTTI
17 Different methods of collecting transverse profiles      Damion Orsi, Fugro  
  and calculating rut values              
18 WLP‐Weighted longitudinal profile       Roland Spielhofer, AIT
19 Increased usage of collected information in an online      Mats Wendel, STA  
  PMS‐tool in Sweden                
20 An experienced entrepreneur and his recommendations   Roger Oberholzer, Ramboll
21 Conclusions           Leif Sjögren, VTI