ERPUG 2017 Presentations, Copenhagen, Denmark

This year ERPUG forum and the 5th anniversery was once again a great success, 95 people from 20 countries attended in the beautiful city of Copenahgen. All presentations are available below 

1 Basis and design of a deep learning system for automated cracking Kelvin CP Wang Oklahoma state Uni  
2 Improvements with the Dutch 3D detection system Willem van Aalst, TNO, Frank Bouman, RWS  
3 Performance of fully automated 3D cracking survey with pixelaccuracy based on deep learning Kelvin CP Wang Oklahoma state Uni  
4 Automatic detection of defects based on machine learning algorithm Andreas Großmann,  Lehman + Partner  
5 A performance comparison between 3D detection systems Thomas Lundberg, VTI  
6 Ride quality and surface damages in high resolution in 3D with LiDAR Dirk Ebersbach, Lehman + Partner  
7 3D data acquired from multiple lanes John Laurent’s, Pavemetrics  
8 Factors affecting the reliability of data related to pavement profiles Enea Sogno, Michele Mori, Sina  
9 Development of a new roughness index for in-service airport pavement Al Larkin, Federal Aviation Admin  
10 Survey of the Bologna airport with Pave-scanner in one night Augusto Burchi, Siteco  
11 Improvement regarding rolling resistance Bjarne Schmidt, Danish Road Directorate  
12 Meeting the requirements of autonomous vehicles and increasing traffic safety, Road Marking Tester Peter Ekdahl, Ramböll  
13 The Swedish Transport Agency experience Fredrik Lindström, Swedish Road Adm  
14 Street Probe-Using car data for pavement monitoring Dirk Jansen, Huanyu Zhang, BASt  
15 Road scanners products for intelligent Road Asset Management Timo Saarenkento, Jan Filipovsky, Roadscanners   
16 Competition “The most even road”    
17 Greenwood Engineering thru 25 years Kåre Sloth Jensen, Greenwood  
18 UK TSD Experiment Alex Wright, TRL  
19 The Swedish experiment with TSD Roger Nilsson, Skanska  
20 Introduction to the Dynatest RAPTOR Rolling Wheel Deflectometer Martyn Stonecliffe-Jones, Dynatest  




ERPUG 2016 Presentations from Prague, Czech Republic

The fourth ERPUG forum was a great success, with over 100 people from 26 countries that had two fruitful days in the beautiful city of Prague. All presentations are available below 

ERPUG 2016 photos 

1 Implementing common QA practice across profile, visual, SCRIM and Brian Ferne, TRL  
  TSD surveys in UK                
2 System of road surface measurement and evaluation in the Czech  Josef Stryk, CDV  
  Republic, new trends in this field            
3 Experience with data collection and PMS implementation for    David Novák, VARS  
  Czech regions                
4 Road profile data usage in Sweden        Fredrik Lindström, STA
5 Accommodating challenges of bringing measurement data into    Lasse Grinderslev Andersen,
  asset management systems         DRD    
6 Technical transfer and system customization for sustainable   Chikakuni Maeda, PASCO 
  implementation of pavement condition survey – Case Study in Asia Kazuya Aoki, PASCO  
7 Road inventory database system using
road image and geocoordinates 
8 Road profiling quality control in Sweden        Thomas Lundberg, VTI
9 The sensitivity of repeated profile measurements to pavement   Enea Sogno, SINECO  
  unevenness and surface conditions            
10 Comparison of road profilers          Richard Wix, ARRB  
11 The new proposed ISO macrotexture standard vs the old    Olle Eriksson, VTI  
12 Homogeneity and raveling reporting by use of ViaPPS    Hårvard Farstad/Vedeesh 
                Sahajpal, ViaTech  
13 Pave-scanner system: Integration between LCMS and LMM   Augusto Burchi, SITECO
  System Innovative GIS package for PMS, PMS-SIT          
14 Laser profiler for the evaluation of longitudinal evenness of new   Carl Van Geem, BRRC
  bicycle paths                
15 Results from 3D profiling in Sweden        Thomas Wahlman, RAMBÖLL
16 DaRTS6, Introduction to Deflection at Road Traffic Speed   Brian Ferne, TRL  
17 TSD update from the manufacturer        Jorgen Krarup, Greenwood
18 Update on ARRB´s TSD programme        Richard Wix, ARRB  
19 Evaluation and application of TSD devices in Germany    Dirk Jansen, BaST  
20 Better utilization of deflection responses from traffic speed surveys Brian Ferne, TRL  
21 Lateral skid resistance on bends        Marius Nagelhout, Aveco de
22 Spanish experience in inter-laboratory tests to validate both frictions
tests with SCRIMS and roughness IRI test with laser profilers
Pedro Aliseda Pérez de, 
23 Using high resolution 3D sensors for high speed network level full road Richard Habel, Pavemetrics
  lane texture measurements.              
24 News from Roadscanners          Jan Filipovsky, Roadscanners
Panel discussion:                 
Heavier allowed loads and introduction of autonomous cars and their consequences on road profiling
Richard Wix, Brian Ferne, Bjarne Schmidt, Peter Ekdahl, Michael Moffatt